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Saturday, August 01, 2015
07:21 AM -0500

DATE: 07/03/2015 01:14:00

Officers responded to assist Ptl. Russell of 
the Smith Township PD with a warrant pick-
up at the corner of Lake Park Blvd. and 
Lake Park Row. 
The male, Freddie Bons, had a PUR 2 
felony warrant out of Summit County for 
failure to appear on a domestic violence 
related charge. The warrant was entered 
with caution and warned that Mr. Bons was 
a possible escape risk with violent 
tendencies. After making contact with Mr. 
Bons, Ptl. Russell transported him to Smith 
Township PD, before transporting him to 
meet a Sheriffs Deputy to exchange Mr. 


21st St. / Rt. 62

driver/owner, Jonathan M Crothers, 164 
Meadow Wood Dr Apt B,  issued a citation 
for Speed 333.03 SCO and advised of his 
court date at MCC #3 on 7/9/2015 at 1100 


DATE 7/2/2015
SPEED (50/35)
12th / Alabama

issued Katlyn R. Reed, 2950 Wayland Rd 
Diamond, 0H,  a citation for Speed 333.03 
SCO and advised her of her court date at 
MCC #3 on 7/9/2015 at 1100 hours.


DATE: 07/02/2015
Vehicle Damage

On 7/2/2015 Cynthia Young reported 
damage to her vehicle while parked at 
Crandal medical.

Observed was that the drivers side window 
had blown out with glass inside and out.


DATE 7/1/2015
License Plate Lights / Cracked Windshield
400 Block W. Pennsylvania Ave.

Zachary M. Mucklo, 11271 Island Creek Dr. 
Beloit, cited for not having license plate 
visible from at least 50 .feet, 337.04 SCO 
and for cracked windshield, 337.01 SCO. 
Officer advised him of llis court date, 
7/9/2015 at 1100 AM in MCC #3.


DATE: 07/01/2015

Tonya Nieves came to the station to report 
that sometime between the 5th of June and 
today her cell phone was taken from her 
glove box in her jeep. She said that it was 
just an emergency phone that she got from 
the state. She did not know the brand of 
phone or who the carrier was. With so little 
to go on this case is closed.


On 7-8-2015 officers were advised of an 
unwanted subject at 346 E. Oregon Ave. 

Upon arrival Chief Heverly was speaking to 
the complainant Cassie Wervey. It was 
determined that exboyfriend Zach Edwards 
had come to the property to retrieve some 
of his personal belongings. Mr. Edwards 
was advised that he was not welcomed, 
and told to leave. 

Ms. Wervey was told to collect anything that 
belonged to Zach and take it to his mothers 
in Alliance.


Friday, July 31, 2015
06:11 PM -0500

Red Golf Cart Driving Down Main St

On 6-30-15 at approximately 1400 his this 
officer received a text message from Ptl. 
Chris Heverly stating that there was a red 
golf cart traveling down Main Street. This 
officer contacted Ptl Heverly by phone to 
verify location due to the fact that Sebring 
does not have a Main Street. Ptl Heverly 
advised that the golf cart was traveling 
Eastbound on Ohio Ave in front of the 
Marathon Gas station. Ptl Guy was on 
station and this officer advised him to 

Chief Ray Heverly

On 6/30/2015 this officer was advised by 
Chief Heverly of a subject operating a golf 
cart on the streets of the Village of Sebring. 
It was further advised that the vehicle was 
possibly headed to Blair's gas station in 

This officer made contact with the operator 
James R. Cannell at the above listed 
establishment. Mr. Cannell was advised that 
he was previously advised that he could not 
operate his golf cart on village streets, and 
that if he was observed doing so, that he 
would be cited. 
Mr. Cannell became very upset stating 
"Fuck Heverly, and that he wished that he 
be the one to cite him. Mr. Cannell also 
made the comment that this officer should 
not even be at the Blair's gas station. Given 
the verbal warnlng thls offlcer cleared

22090 Harrisburg Westville Rd

On 7-7-2015 this officer assisted Ptl. Davis 
at 22090 Harrisburg Westville Rd. on an 
assault call.

Upon arrival contact was made with Glenn 
Wade and Donald Clark whom were the 

Mr. Clark claimed that Mr. Wade struck him 
in the face, and Mr. Wade states that Mr. 
Clark hit him in the face with a 2x4. As the 
situation appeared calm this officer cleared.


Speed (41/25)
McKinnely St

driver/owner, Scott L. Hunt ll,  issued a 
citation for Speed 333.03 SCO and advised 
of his court date at MCC #3 on 7/9/2015 at 
1100 hours.


Disorderly Conduct
Sebring PD

Arrested: Farris Cundiff , 135 E. Orcgon 
Ave, will have a court date of 7-9-15 at 11 
am for MCC#3.


On 7/6/2015 at approximately 0215, Ptl. 
Baker from Smith Township PD was 
dispatched to an address on Martin Rd. 
where a female caller had advised that she 
was at her daughter's house and there had 
been a domestic dispute. She stated that 
there was supposedly a "car full" of people 
coming out there to fight and was 
requesting officers. 

Due to the nature of the call and the 
distance the call was from the Village, Ptl. 
Baker asked for mutual aid which arrived 
shortly before Ptl. Baker did and observed a 
vehicle parked on the road and one pulling 
into the drive. 

I spoke to the individuals who pulled into 
the driveway and asked them to stand with 
me until Ptl. Baker arrived.

Once Ptl. Baker arrived, he handled the 
scene and I was only there to assist him. 
The female involved in the matter was able 
to leave with her items and the two 
individuals who arrived in the vehicle stayed 
at the residence, due to the fact that each 
one had admitted to and had been tested 
for consuming alcohol.

Ptl J. Amabeli


THEFT - 9 Woodstock cd's

Complainant: Julie L. Brown, 176 S. 
Johnson Rd, Sebring, OH

On this date and time, I was advised by the 
victim that between Sat 7/4/15 at 2130 Hrs, 
to this date some unknown person or 
persons entered her 2007 Kia that was 
parked at the rear of her residence, and 
removed a case containing 9 Woodstock 
Cd"s. The victim also advised that the glove 
box was found open and items thrown 
about the inside of the car. I was also 
advised that she saw 3 males walking West 
on Tennessee Ave, last night after 2130 
Hrs. No sign of force entry was noted, and 
she advised that the door could of be 


Atempt to Blow Up Mailbox

Complainant: Patrick A. Sweely, 385 W 
Vlrgrnra Ave, Sebring, OH

On Sunday, July 05, 2015 this officer was 
dispatched and responded to 385 W 
Virginia Ave for a property damage 
complaint. Upon arrival I had spoke with 
Patrick Sweely that stated sometime during 
the night someone had put fireworks in his 
mail box and attempted to blow the mail box 
up. I had observed pieces of fireworks in 
side the mail box. Mr. Sweely stated that he 
would just like a report on this matter for 
now. I had then cleared the scene.

Ptl Racheal Russell


DATE 07/09/2015
Disorderly Conduct / Open Container - 
Georgia Ave / 21st St

Arrested: Edward Waskivich, 11344 Walnut 
Ave NE, under arrest for Disorderly 
Conduct with a court date at MCC#3 on 7-
9-15 at 11 am


DATE: 07/04/2015

VICTIM: Farris Dexter Cundiff, 155 5 E 
Oregon Ave, Sebring, OH

On 7-4-15 at 1238 hrs, I was met by Faris 
Cundiff on station. Farris advised me that 
his girlfriend sent a facebook message to 
her aunt on 6-25-15 stating that she wanted 
her to take Farris to Canton and drop him 
off. The message also stated that she 
couldn't take his shit anymore, and that she 
would hire a hit man. Farris advised me that 
he just found out about the message and 
felt threatened. Farris then advised that he 
believes that the message was sent from 
her mothers computer. 

I obtained a statement from Farris and 
advised him that a report would be filed but 
due to the message being 3rd party and the 
period of time from when it was sent, and 
that there was no way of proving that she 
sent the message, that the possibility of 
charges being filed are slim. I advised 
Farris that I would speak to his girl freind 
and advise her to desist . 


S 15th St/Carolina Ave

Cited: Gage Schreckengost, 18453 5th St 
Beloit, Oh for Loud/Crackling Exhaust - 
MCC #3 7/9/2015 @ 1100 hours


DATE: 07/03/2015
Domestic Violence (M-1)
317 N 15th St. Sebring

Tina R. Clay, 317 N 15th St Apt. 3 Sebring, 
Oh arrested for Domestic Violence (M-1) 
MCC #3 7-9-2015@ 1100 hours


Wednesday, July 01, 2015
12:15 PM -0500

June 29, 2015
Criminal Mischief
21 6 W Ohio Ave

Complainant, Robert Mick

Officer was dispatched to 21 6 W Ohio Ave 
for a criminal mischief report. Upon arrival, 
Officer spoke with the complainant, Robert 
Mick, who advised someone had dented 
and scratched the hood on his vehicle. 
There were two visibly scratches/dents on 
the hood of the vehicle that were 
approximately the size of a quarter. Mick 
advised this may have happened last 
Wednesday (6/24) but did not call to report 
because he was very sick. Mick advised the 
only place he had taken the vehicle was to 
Walmart and advised he seen some 
blemishes in the paint on the hood but the 
scratches and dents were not there. Mick 
advised he believes the damage was 
caused possibly some juveniles while the 
vehicle was parked at the Sebring Manor 
but did not know who.

Ptl. Darren Eberling

June 29, 2015
Drug Possession
Oak Ridge Motel

Anthony Cleveland, 2455 Chaney Cir., 
Youngstown, Ohio, was issued a minor 
misdemeanor citation for Drug Possession - 
Marijuana <100g 513.03(c)(2)(a) SCO for 
the partially burnt Marijuana cigarette and 
advised of his court date at MCC #3 on 
7/2/2015 at 1100 hours.

Ptl. Darren Eberling


June 29, 2015
Female Yelling for Police
155.5 East Oregon

Kandy Fredrick had returned home from 
work to find that her live in boyfriend Farris 
Cundiff had eaten all the potato chips. Ms. 
Fredrick became upset and punched a 
window out in the bathroom. Mr. Cundiff left 
the home and went to the library to apply for 
a job.


June 28, 2015
Blue License Plate Lights
600 block of W. Ohio Ave.

David S. Chamberlain of Alliance Cited for 
driving under suspension and for non-white 
license plate lights.  Officer advised him of 
his court date and time, 7/2/2015 at 
1100AM in MCC #3.


June 27, 2015
Speeding 52/35
S. 21st Street

driver, Mckenna B. Meir

Mckenna B. Meir was issued a citation for 
Speed 4511.21 ORC and was advised that 
juvenile court would contact her in regards 
to the court date/fine for the citation.

Ptl. Darren Eberling


June 27, 2015
Vehicle Damage

Timothy E. Bradley came to the police 
station to report that while his pick-up truck 
was parked in a parking lot on S. 15th St., it 
had been apparently damaged. Mr. Bradley 
stated that he parks his truck at the parking 
lot across from the Sebring Drive-Thru and 
that's where his semi is parked. He said that 
when he returned from driving his Semi, he 
noticed several scrapes and gouges in the 
truck's paint, located along both sides, the 
rear, the top of the bed and the hood. Mr. 
Bradley stated that he just purchased the 
truck and that he had insurance through 
Progressive Insurance. He stated that he is unsure of 
anyone who would have done this.


June 25, 2015
Missing Kittens
196 E Indiana Ave

Complainant, Alexandria Yoho, advised 
when she returned home around 1520 
hours her five kittens were missing. Yoho 
advised that she had left the residence around 1402 
hours and the five kittens were on the 
couch but advised her side door was left 
unlocked due to her not having a key to lock 
it. Yoho advised that nothing else in the 
house was missing and her boyfriend, 
Robert Kelley, was sleeping upstairs the 
whole time and did not hear anyone enter 
the residence. 

At approximately 1700 hours on the same 
date, Yoho called Sebring Police 
Department to report she had located the 
missing kittens in a dresser drawer within 
the residence. This incident will be closed.

Ptl. Darren Eberling


June 24, 2015
Domestic Violence
236 Alabama Apt #1

Amanda Christy (age 22) she stated that 
she had been told by her boyfriend to get 
out and she had came to remove her
things and they began to fight.  She said 
that he pushed he head against the wall a 
few times and then started to break things 
in the house. 

She said that she had received some 
scratches during the fight and she showed 
me her left leg at the ankle and her right 
forearm, they both had scratches, but no 
signs of blood.

She said that she hit Colton Higgins (age 
22) in the face with her fist, in self defense.

Colton Higgins said that she punched him in 
the face and tried to push him down the 
stairs, when he grabbed her arm and kicked 
her leg. He had a very big red mark under 
his right eye.

Officer had both sign refusals and cleared.


June 29, 2015
496 W Indiana Ave

Complainant, Robin Flowers, who advised 
she had received a letter and a bill in the 
mail from PayPal Credit. The bill had a 
charge of $1,249.87 for "BOOKIT" on 6-17-
2015. Flowers advised she has never 
opened an account with this company 
before and had no idea what these charges 


Wednesday, January 28, 2015
04:30 PM -0500

01/24/2015  2113 hours
Traffic - Driving under Suspension (Non-

Scott Fusco, 538 N 15th St. Sebring, OH, 
cited for driving under suspension while 
observed driving his wife's , Rose Fusco, 


01/23/2015 11:15

Ms. Elizabeth Ann Percy, 146 W. Oregon 
Ave., states she believes a ring she was 
wearing was possible taken when she was 
at Schmid's Bar located at 135 E. Oregon 


01/22/2015 20:23:00
156 West Vermont for a theft report

Officer spoke to Tim Baily and his wife 
Brenda. They said that two people came up 
on their back porch on 01-22-2015, and 
took two bottles of liquor from the fridge. They 
took a bottle of vodka and a bottle of rum.


01/22/2015 15:28:00

On 01/22/2015 at approximately 1528 
hours, I was dispatched to 315 W Maryland 
Ave for a theft of a snow shovel. Upon 
arrival, I met with the complainant Angela 
Ring and she advised that her yellow and 
black snow shovel was removed from her 
front porch and replaced with a damaged 
blue and black snow shovel.

The yellow and black shovel was returned 
to the owner Angela Ring and she was able 
to confirm that it was indeed her shovel. 
Ring advised that she would like to press 
charges against the juvenile in this incident.


01/22/2015 14:28:00

Complaint Brent Michael Ruzek, 1595 W 
Bayton, Alliance,Ohio, states that his truck 
was parked at the rear of Gednetz Ruzek 
Funeral home. He further advised that while 
the village snow plows' were plowing the 
alley way, they threw stones against his 
truck causing damage to the rear. 
Complainant was advised that an 
informational report would be filed, and that 
he would have to contact village officials.


01/21/2015 21:16:00

On 1/21/2015 at approximately 2116, 
Officers were sent to Oak Ridge Motel for a 
report that a male was laying on the ground 
and bleeding all over the place.

The victim was later identified as Juan 
Pabovillaover from Kansas.  He works for a 
company, Central Gc Construction, and that 
company was doing work painting a 
building in Salem.

Sebring First respoders arrived and 
transported the male to the hospital. 
Officers spoke to two ladies who were 
contacting the owner and were going to 
attempt to get the blood cleaned up and the 
windows boarded up for the night.



On 1/21/2015 at 2146, Officer was 
requested by Smith Township Ptl. Osberg to 
assist him and a Columbiana County 
Sheriff's Deputy attempt to serve a warrant 
on an individual at 10985 Johnson Rd. The 
suspect, Robert McElroy, had a warrant 
issued from the Columbiana County Grand 
Jury for aggravated burglary, and the 
deputy was unsure if he would try to run 
from officers if they attempted to
serve the warrant. Ptl. Osberg and the 
deputy made contact and placed him into 
custody after knocking at the front door of 
his residence.

Ptl. J. Amabeli #505

Thursday, January 22, 2015
05:07 PM -0500

Identity Theft

On 01/17/2015 at approximately 1550, 1 
was dispatched to 225 W Maryland Ave 
Apt. 21 3 for an alleged identity theft 
incident. Upon arrival I met with the 
complainant Leo R. Burgess and a social 
worker assisting him Cheryl A Russell. 
Russell advised that Burgess had received 
a letter from the Ohio Department of 
Taxation Personal and School District 
Income Tax Division stating that they 
received a 2013 Ohio income tax return 
under the name Leo R Burgess and his 

Ohio Department of Taxation is reporting 
that this return was inconsistent with his 
previous filings. I advised Burgess to notify 
the bank to keep an eye on their bank 
accounts so they are aware of whats going 
on. I also advised Russell and Burgess to 
obtain a credit report for Burgess as soon 
as possible to determine if any accounts 
have been opened with his SSN. 

Burgess advised that him and his wife lived 
at 2311 Ansley St Apt 3 Alliance, OH in 
2013 and advised that there were multiple 
times where
they did not receive all their mail. Burgess 
advised that he believed "Hispanics" that 
lived in the apartment might have possibly 
taken some of his mail in 2013 but had no 
proof or report. 

Russell and Burgess advised that they have 
no other letters or signs of identity theft 
other than this tax letter at this time. Russell 
advised that if any new information comes 
about or something on the credit report is 
suspicious that she would let Sebring Police 
Department know. A copy of the Ohio 
Department of Taxation letter is enclosed in 
the case file. Russell advised that she 
would need a copy of this report to provide 
to provide to Ohio Department of Taxation 
and I informed her it should be available 
Monday 1/19/2015. This report is 
informational for now based on the 
evidence at hand and will be closed unless 
any new evidence comes forth in the future.

Ptl. Darren Eberling #506


Dog Running at Large

On 01/16/2015 at approximately 1721 
hours, I was dispatched to 134 E lndiana 
Ave for an alleged dog running at large. I 
arrived and spoke with the complainant 
Kayla M Stanley who advised that she 
found a white dog on her front porch and 
took it inside and put it in her fenced area 
behind her home so it didn't get hit by a car. 
Once I seen the dog I was able to tell that 
the dog belonged to Rose M Fusco of 538 
N 15th St. I know this because I was at their 
residence approximately two hours prior to 
this call for an unrelated incident and seen 
their dog running out in front of their house. 
Scott Fusco  advised that he would get the 
dog under control and get it back home. 
They were unable to find it due  to the fact 
that it was in a fence behind 134 E Indiana 
Ave. I met up with Scott Fusco and he was 
able to come to 134 E lndiana and retrieve 
the dog and I advised him that they would 
be receiving a written warning for 505.01(c) 
Dog running at large. Dispatch checked for 
prior warnings to Fusco's but was unable to 
find any so that is why I made the decision 
to give them a written warning. I advised 
Scott and Rose Fusco that if it happens 
again they will be issued a MM cite for it. I 
hand delievered the warning letter to Rose 
Fusco on this date.

Ptl. Darren Eberling #506


Traffic Violation

On 01/15/2015 at approximately 1653 
hours, while patrolling west in the 100 block 
of E Oregon Ave I observed a black colored 
Jeep traveling north on N 15Ih St. The 
vehicle entered the intersection and 
proceeded through as the stop light turned 
red. The light had been red for quite some 
time due to the fact that the stop light going 
east and west on Oregon Ave turned green 
while this vehicle was still in the middle of 
the intersection. 

I initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle 
bearing Ohio plate FFN6240 in the 100 
block of  Ohio Ave. The driver was identified 
as Michael J Hoffman and advised that he 
was "talking on the phone and didn't realize 
the light had turned red". 

Hoffman was just cited for this same 
offense on 08/13/2014. I issued Hoffman a 
citation for Failure to stop for a traffic control 
device 313.01 SCO. Hoffman was informed 
of his court date of 1/22/2015 at MCC #3 at 
1100 hours.

Ptl. Darren Eberling #506


Accident - Property Damage Only



Accident - Property Damage Only


Thursday, January 01, 2015
04:30 PM -0500

12/29/2014 14:41:00

On the above date and time Officer 
responded to 836 S. 13th St. Apt #22. 
When Officer arrived Officer spoke with 
Dale Pletcher and Stephanie Noble. The 
complainants advised that Tammy Hall was 
breaking items in the residence and hitting 
the walls. Officer advised them that with it 
being her residence as well Officer could 
not file charges but would make an incident 
report. When Officer spoke with Tammy she 
stated that she wanted to leave for a few 
days to get away from the apartment. 
Tammy's ride arrived and she left. Officer 
then cleared.

Ptl. D.C. Osberg


07/22/2014 01:57:00

For violating a Sebring ordinance 
prohibiting the operation of bicycles upon 
sidewalks in the business
district (SCO 373.17). 1 recognized this 
individual as Eric M. Springer. Officer asked 
for his identification,
which he gave me and Officer checked his 
identification through dispatch. Officer 
asked Mr. Springer where he
was heading, and he informed me that he 
was heading home from Circle K. Mr. 
Springer's address
is 20624 Beach St. Alliance, Oh 44601. 1 
informed him that it didn't appear that he 
had the proper
safety instruments to ride his bicycle on the 
road at night either and that he would need 
to get a light
for the rear of his bicycle. Officer checked 
Mr. Springer for any weapons, and while 
conducting my Terry pat,
I noticed an object in his pants which Officer 
could identify as a pill bottle. Officer asked 
Mr. Springer what that
item was, and asked him if it was a pill 
bottle. Officer never asked him to remove 
the pill bottle, but he did so
on his own. It took him several seconds to 
remove the bottle from his pants due to the 
fact that the
bottle was located in a cargo pocket located 
in his shorts, which he had on underneath 
his sweat
pants. Mr. Springer removed the bottle and 
handed it to me, and Officer asked him if 
there were any pills
inside the bottle before he removed it 
because Officer believed Officer heard 
rattling in the bottle. Mr. Springer
stated that there was nothing inside the 
bottle and to prove that he didn't empty 
anything out he
dropped his sweatpants down to reveal only 
his shorts. Officer asked if he had anything 
else on him that 
needed to know about and Officer finished 
my Terry pat. Officer also felt in his pocket a 
long cylindrical tube which
I identified as being some sort of pipe. 
Officer asked him to remove the glass pipe 
from his pants, and he
explained to me that it was a glass pipe 
used to smoke tobacco. The pipe had one 
end open and the
other end was round with a small hole in it, 
similar to the style used to smoke or ingest 
narcotics by
placing the narcotic in the end and heating 
it up. Mr. Springer claimed that it had never 
been used,
however there where burn marks on the 
end of it. Ptl. Davis from Smith Township 
arrived and assisted me in my investigation. 
Upon examining the pill bottle closer, Officer 
noticed a white powdery substance in the 
bottom of the bottle. Officer asked Mr. 
Springer several times what the substance 
was, but he claims that he didn't know and 
then informed us that he found the bottle, 
but couldn't accurately tell
us where he found it. He stated that he was 
going to use it to store his loose change in. 
During the
time we were speaking to Mr. Springer, he 
began sweating very heavily and claimed 
that it was
because it was hot out and that he was 
riding his bike, but Officer informed him that 
neither one of us were
sweating and that it wasn't very hot out. 
Officer asked him if he was on any 
narcotics, and he stated that he
wasn't. Ptl. Davis stood by while Officer 
attempted to locate a field testing kit to 
attempt to determine what
the white powdery substance was, but was 
unable to locate a test kit. Officer returned, 
and Ptl. Davis
informed me that he also had a small knife 
in his pocket which he did not tell us about. 
Mr. Springer
was wearing a black backpack, which 
Officer asked if he had any weapon in the 
backpack, to which he
replied that he didn't and that the only 
things he had in there were clothes and a 
book. Officer asked him if
he would allow us to search the backpack if 
he didn't have anything illegal in there, to 
which he
refused. Officer informed him that Officer 
would be sending the pill bottle off to be 
tested and that if it contained a
narcotic, then he would be charged with 
possession and drug paraphernalia. Officer 
also noticed a white
powdery trace inside the glass pipe and 
believed that to also be from a narcotic, 
methamphetamine, which Mr. Springer 
denied. Officer informed him that Officer 
would also have that logged into
evidence and that he could possibly be 
charged with that as well.

On 10/17/2014 upon arriving at the 
beginning of my shift, Officer received 
results from a chemical test done
on the white powdery residue inside the 
container. The results, as conducted by the 
Ohio Bureau of
Criminal Investigation and Identification 
(BCI&l), indicated that the contents of the 
pill bottle contained
a trace amount of methamphetamine. 
Officer spoke to Chief Heverly and 
Prosecutor Tolson, and upon
conferring with them, have submitted 
charges for illegal possession of a schedule 
II narcotic, F-5, as
well as drug paraphernalia M, -4. Officer 
wrll request the court to issue warrants for 
Mr Springer's arrest

Ptl. J. Amabeli #506

On this date and time Officer took one Eric 
M Springer Into custody for warrants out of 
this department Mr
Springer was restrained wlth handcuffs that 
was gapped and double locked and 
transported to this
Department While On station Mr Springer 
was processed and then transported to the 
County Jail


12/28/2014 19:19:00

On the above date and time. Officer was 
dispatched to the area of the 400 Blk of W. 
Ohio Ave ref to a barking dog. Officer 
arrived and spoke to the reportee one 
Christine M Mitchell, and she advised me 
the dog at 436 W. Ohio Ave has been 
barking all night. Officer observed a brown 
dog at the rear of the ( Officer residence 
barking. Officer attempted to make a 
contact with a owner, but no one would 
answer the door. A barking dog letter was 
prepared and will be served on Monday 



12/28/2014 Traffic/ Speed

The vehicle was observed traveling east on 
California Ave near 16'~ St. The vehicle 
was observed traveling at a visibly high rate 
of speed, and was clocked via the radar at 
37 mph in a clearly posted 25 mph zone. 
The vehicle was stopped and the driver was 
issued a citation for speed, and given a 
court date in MCC#3 on 1/8/15 AT 11AM.

Ptl. S.T. McDaniel


12/27/2014 Traffic Light

I was Dispatched to a crash that happened 
at the corner of North 15th Street and Ohio 
Ave. Upon arrival Officer spolte to Ainanda 
Montgomery (OLN RW249687), she told 
me that she was driving North on 15th 
Street and approached the intersection at 
Ohio Ave. She did not know the light was 
red and went through the red light. Ms 
Montgomery was struck by the vehicle of 
Zachary Mucklo (OLN TW389147), who 
had the right of way causing daniage to 
both vehicles. Amanda Montgomery was 
cited under Sebring Codified Ordinance 
section number 313.01, Fail to Stop for 
Traffic Light. A court date has been 
assigned for 1/8/2015@ 1100 hrs. in 
Mahonimg County Court #3.

Det Harris


12/27/2014  TRAFFIC ACDA

Unit #1 was stopped in traffic on W. Ohio 
Ave. Unit #2 was operated by Daniel L. 
Barnett was traveling westbound on W. 
Ohio Ave at N. 16th St. Unit # 2 failed to 
stop in an assured clear distance and struck 
Unit #1 that was stopped. 

Mr. Barnett was issued a citation for 
Assured Clear Distance Ahead and given a 
court date in Mcc#3 on 1/8/15 at 11am.

Ptl. S.T. McDaniel


12/26/2014 1648

I , Officer Eberling and Officer White were 
dispatched to 175 W. Ohio for a call by 
Karen Hill. Mrs. Hill said that Allen Reed 
had entered her house without her 
permission and taken a gold band ring from 
her hand and left. This department had 
been dispatched to this address the day 
before when Mr. Reed had been in the 
house and kicked their dog. The Hill's did 
not want Mr. Reed back in their house and 
Mr. Reed had been told by this Officer that 
he was not to return to that house based on 
the wishes of the Hill's. 

Upon arrival we observed Mr. Reed looking 
out the upstairs apartment window.

He was asked if he had taken a ring from 
Mrs. Hill and he said "I don't know what you 
are talking about." Officer left Officer 
Eberling with Mr. Reed, who had came 
down stairs and was on the porch. l went 
with Officer White to get a statement from 
Karen Hill. Mrs. Hill again said that Mr. 
Reed had entered her house right behind 
her and she had not given him permission 
to come in the house. She had a gold ring 
in her hand and Mr. Reed took the ring from 
her and left the house. She said that the 
ring had been her mothers and she had 
given it to her before she died. Officer 
asked her if she wanted to have Mr. Reed 
arrested for his actions. She said yes. 
Officer asked Mrs. Hill if she would give 
Officer White a written statement and she 
said yes. 

I went to the porch where Mr. Reed and 
Michele Morrow (the person who is on the 
lease of the apartment) were standing with 
Officer Eberling. Base upon the statement 
made to me by Mrs. Hill, Mr. Reed was 
placed under arrest for burglary. At this time 
Mr. Reed kept trying to pull away from 
Officer Eberling and Officer helped to bring 
him under control and he was placed in the 
back of Officer Eberling's car. Officer then 
asked Ms Morrow if Officer could search the 
house for the ring and she said yes. Officer 
then went upstairs with Ms. Morrow and 
looked around the house.

A William Hopkins was in the living room, 
and Officer asked him if he had seen Mr. 
Reed with a gold ring?

He said "Yes that he had seen a gold band 
on one of his pinkie fingers. Officer radioed 
Officer Eberling to check Mr. Reeds hands 
for the ring. 
Officer Eberling radioed back and said that 
he had no rings on his hands. Officer 
checked the bedroom and while doing that 
Officer asked Ms. Morrow if she knew 
where he may have put the ring and she 
said maybe in my jewelry box. She got the 
box out and opened it but there was no 
jewelry in it. Officer then saw a gold object 
on a empty Knick- Knack shelve. Officer 
went over to it and saw that it was a gold 
band ring, small about a size 7. 1 asked Ms. 
Morrow if this was her ring and she said no. 
Officer asked if she knew who it belonged 
to and she said no. Officer then took the 
ring down stairs and showed it to Mrs. Hill 
and asked her if it was the ring that Mr. 
Reed had taken and she said "Yes". She 
asked for it back and Officer told her that 
Officer would have to keep it until the case 
was over as it was evidence. Officer told 
Mrs. Hill that Mr. Reed would be charged 
with Burglary. The statement
was completed by Mrs. Hill and Officer went 
to the car and told Mr. Reed that he was 
being charged with Burglary, and F-2. Mr. 
Reed was brought back to the station to be 
processed and at that time he complained 
of his wrist hurting, he had told me the day 
before that he had broken it and would 
need surgery. Officer request Officer 
Eberling to take Mr. Reed to the Hospital in 
Alliance to get him cleared for

Officer Eberling informed me that at 
Alliance they had put a splint on his wrist 
after they had x-ray it, but that they had 
cleared him for jail. 
When Officer Eberling returned to the 
station to get the paperwork and to have 
DNA obtained, Mr. Reed became very 
combative and would not cooperate.

Once the DNA was obtained Mr. Reed was 
placed in the back of the car for transport to 
county jail.

Officer Eberling needed fuel in his car so 
Officer followed him to the station and 
watched Mr. Reed as he got fuel. Mr. Reed 
then started to kick and hit his head on the 
windows. In an attempt to calm Mr. Reed 
down he became combative again. Mr. 
Reed was finally brought under control and 
Officer Eberling transported him to the 
County Jail. Upon arrival and check-in at 
County Jail, the Medical Tech would not let 
Mr. Reed in because she said that his blood 
pressure was too high. Mr. Reed told her 
that it was high because he was afraid of 
going to jail. Officer Eberling asked that 
they check his pressure again as they had 
only checked it once and he was told no 
you must take him to St. "E's" to be cleared. 
Since Alliance had cleared him once Officer 
did not see a reason to bring him all the 
way back to Alliance to have him cleared, 
so Officer told Officer Eberling to take him 
to St "E's" and get him cleared.

Officer Eberling did that and Mr. Reed was 
returned to County Jail where he was 
placed for Burglary 291 1.12(a)(2) with a 
$12,000 Bond. After talking with Officer 
Eberling it was agreed to charge Mr. Reed 
with Resisting Arrest 2921.33(a), for being 
combative. Mr. Reed has a court date of 
12/30114 at 1300hrs, this will be at 
Mahoning County Court #3.

Det Harris


Wednesday, December 24, 2014
06:23 PM -0500

12/10/2014 19: 00
Traffic/ Tail lights

LUKE WILSON 153 E. Oregon Ave

On this date and time, while on patrol in the 
Village Of Sebring, Officer observed a red 
Chevy S-10 traveling south on S 15"' in the 
400 Blk. Officer observed the vehicle not to 
have any working tail lights as required by 
Sebring Ord. 337.04. The vehicle was 
stopped and the driver advised me that he 
was aware that the lights weren't working 
but thought a friend fixed them. The driver 
was issued a citation for tail lights required 
and given a court date
in MCC ## on 12/30/14 at lpm.

Ptl. S.T. McDaniel # 510


12/21/2014 03:20:00
domestic dispute

On 12/21/2014 at approximately 0320 1 
was dispatched to 315 E. Indiana Ave. for a 
domestic dispute reportedly between a 
father and son. Upon arriving, Officer was 
let into the house by a juvenile female, 
whom Officer know to live at the residence. 
Officer then observed the father and son in 
the kitchen and
they had their hands locked and the son 
appeared to be attempting to fight with the 
father and the father appeared to be 
attempting to keep the son away from him. 
Officer immediately separated the two by 
pushing the son, identified as Jacob 
Crewson, backwards and away from his 
father. At no time did Officer observe either 
male strike one another. The father, Robert 
Crewson, went into the living room as 
Officer spoke to Jacob in the kitchen and 
attempted to get him to calm down. He 
stated that he was upset because his friend 
was home from the military and that he was 
upset, and because his friend was upset, he 
was upset. He also stated that he is 18 
years old and that he wanted to walk to 
Circle K to get "a can and some rubbers" 
and that he felt that he should be able to do 
that because he is 18 years old. 

Officer explained to him that he is still in 
high school and that he is still in the care of 
his father and if his father told him that he 
couldn't walk down there, that he needed to 
listen to his father. Officer brought Jacob 
into the living room so that Jacob and 
Robert could both speak to each other and 
could attempt to solve their minor conflict. 
Jacob continued to insist that he was 18 
and an adult and that he could walk to 
Circle K if he felt like it. 

Robert told Jacob that the reason he didn't 
want him walking to Circle K was because 
he had consumed alcohol earlier in the 
night. Officerinformed Jacob that if he were 
to walk to Circle K while intoxicated then he 
could have been arrested and that his 
father was only looking out for his best 

Officerasked both males if either one 
wished to press any sort of charges, which 
they both declined. Both males signed 
domestic violence refusal forms and Officer 
explained to Jacob that he needed to 
probably go to bed tonight and cool off until 
tomorrow and he could always go to Circle 
K in the morning.

Nothing further needed at this time.

Ptl. J. Arnabel


12/20/2014 17:13:00

On 12/20/2014 at approximately 1713 
hours, Officer was dispatched to 175 W 
Ohio Ave for an alleged fight. Upon arrival, 
Officer met with the complainant Edward 
Mills who advised that Allen Reed punched 
him in the back of the head three times and 
threw a "Bic" lighter and hit him in the back 
of the head. Officer also spoke with Sean 
Mills who lives in the house as well and he 
confirmed Edward Mills story. Edward Mills 
then declined to press charges for Domestic 
Violence against Allen Reed stating that if 
he did his mother would kick him out of the 
house. Approximately an hour prior to this 
incident, Officer was dispatched to the 
same location for a 91 1 call for an alleged 
fight in progress with Allen Reed. 

Upon my arrival, Allen Reed was in the 
downstairs portion of the house in a verbal 
altercation with Don Hill who also lives in 
the residence. Allen Reed was visibly 
intoxicated and smelled of alcohol. Don Hill 
advised that Allen Reed was drunk and just 
wanted him to "get the hell out of his 
house". So Officer told Allen Reed to go 
back upstairs and to not come back down 
and give anyone any more problems or he 
would be charged with Disorderly Conduct 
with Persistence. Officer made it perfectly 
clear to Reed that if he came back 
downstairs and caused problems again he 
would be charged and myself and Smith 
Township Officer Hall escorted Reed to the 
door to go upstairs. Since Allen Reed came 
back downstairs and got into a physical 
altercation with Edward Mills after Reed 
was warned Officer placed him under arrest 
for Disorderly Conduct intoxicated with 
Persistence 291 7.1 1 B2. Edward Mills and 
Don Hill provided voluntary statements 
providing proof that Allen Reed was back 
downstairs after he had
been warned. Sean Mills also confirmed 
that Allen Reed was back downstairs as 
well. Reed was transported back to Sebring 
Police Department where he was 
processed and released on recognizance. 
While processing Reed before he was 
released he advised that "little Eddie" was
going to get beat up when he got back 
home. Reed was advised of his court date 
of 12/30/2014  at 1300 hours.

Ptl. Darren Eberling #506


On this date and time, while on patrol in the 
Village of Sebring, Officer observed a tan 
Buick bearing Ohio registration GEN6478 
traveling south on S. 15th St. Officer 
observed the vehicle registration to be 
expired as of 12/7/14. The vehicle was 
stopped on S. 15"' St in the 600 Blk. The 
driver advised that she was aware that the 
plate was expired. The driver was issued a 
citation for Failure to Display a valid 
registration and given a court in MCC#3 on 
12/30/14 at lpm.

Ptl. S.T. McDaniel#510


12/19/2014 23:54:00
Edward Mills 175 W Ohio Ave Sebring,OH 

On 12/20/2014 at approximately 2353 
hours, Myself and Ptl. Amabelresponded to 
an alleged fight in progress at 175 W Ohio 
Ave. Upon arrival, Officer met with Edward 
R Mills and Donald Hill who were arguing 
back in forth in the living room of the home. 
Mills was intoxicated and was continuously 
engaging in verbal altercations with family 
members as well as physically threatening 
them. Hill, who is the homeowner, advised 
that he just wanted Mills out of the house 
because he was causing a disturbance to 
everyone in the house. Allen Reed, who 
lives in the upstairs of this house, also 
called and complained about the noise from 
the argument between Mills and the other 
family members present. Officer had two 
previous calls to this address for the same 
disturbance wrth Mills within an hour of 
each other which he was warned both times 
to settle down and just go to bed or leave 
the residence for the night or else he would 
be charged with Disorderly Conduct. The 
third call to this residence for the same 
disturbance resulted in Mills being arrested 
and charged with Disorderly Conduct with 
Persistance 2917.1 1A2 M-4. Hill was 
advised of the proper procedure to have 
Mills removed from the house if he wished 
to pursue that route since this is an ongoing 
problem with Mills. Ptl. Amabeli
was tipped off by a family member of the 
presence of a small pill hidden in the stereo 
in the living room. Ptl. AmabelOfficer 
located a small plastic baggie that 
contained a pill that was printed M366 in the 
stereo. Mills was transported back to 
Sebring Police Department where he was 
processed and released on his on 
recognizance. Mills was advised of his court 
date at MCC #3 on 12/23/2014 at 1300 hrs

On 12/19/2014 at approximately 2353, 
myself and Ptl. Eberling were dispatched to 
175 W. Ohio Ave. for a report of another 
fight between the individuals living there. 
Upon arriving, Officer spoke to one of the 
individuals who lives there and they 
informed me that Eddie Mills was causing a 
disturbance and that he had just got done 
snorting a pill that he had crushed up. The 
individual also advised me that there was 
another pill located in the front compartment 
of a CD player located on the dinning room 
table and that it belong to Eddie Mills. 
Officerrecovered the small baggie, which 
contained a single white pill, with the imprint 
M366 on it. Officerchecked the imprint and 
discovered that the pill is identified as 
Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone bitartate 
325mgl7.5 mg, which is a schedule 1 
narcotic. On the top of the baggie in black 
magic marker was the name "Ed Mills." 
Officer asked Eddie about the pill, and he 
said it wasn't his and asked me to show him 
exactly what it was. Officershowed Mr. Mills 
the display of the narcotic and what it was. 
Officernever once used the common name 
for the pill, which is "Vicodin." Mr. Mills then 
stated several times that the "Vicodin" 
wasn't his. Officerasked him how he knew 
that the pill was "Vicodin" since Officernever 
used that name to describe the pill. He 
stated that he wasn't stupid and that he 
knew what the pill was. Officer informed him 
that Officer had no idea what the pill was 
until Officer looked it up. Mr. Mills, by his 
own admission was intoxicated and was 
continuously yelling at individuals while we 
were there.

This was the third time that officers were 
called to the residence that night for the 
same thing. Ptl. Eberling informed Mr. Mills 
that he was under arrest for disorderly 
conduct with persistence and Officer read 
him his Miranda rights. Once back at the 
station, Mr. Mills continued to maintain that 
the pill was not his and offered several 
times to "pee in a cup" to proof that he 
doesn't do drugs. He also stated that he 
must have been set up and that someone 
else placed that pill in the CD player. The 
pill was logged into evidence as found 

Ptl. Darren Eberling #506
Ptl. J. AmabelOfficer#505


Fail to Yield Right of Way

Officerwas Dispatched to a crash that 
happened in the alley behind 366 East Ohio 
Ave.. Upon arrival Officerspoke to Milton 
Hallett (OLN RR365009), he told me that he 
was driving out of his driveway and did not 
se the vehicle coming down the alley. Mr. 
Hallett struck the vehicle of Mark Stewart , 
who lives at 436 East Georgia, causing 
damage to his vehicle. Milton Hallett was 
cited under Sebring Codified Ordinance 
section number
33 1.22, Fail to Yield Right Of Way. A court 
date has been assigned for 
12/30/2014@1300 hrs. in Mahonimg 
County Court #3.

Det Harris


Officer was dispatched to 176 East Oregon 
for unwanted juveniles. Upon arrival Officer 
saw Kelly Sweet the person who called 
standing on her front porch without any 
shoes on trying to gain access to her 
house. The door was locked and Officer 
tried to get someone from the inside to 
answer the door. No one would. Officer 
informed them that this was the police. Kelly 
said they may have went out the back door. 
Officer went around the house and the back 
door was standing open. Officer was told by 
the neighbors that the young men had went 
out the back door. Officer went through the 
house and let Kelly in. She said that she did 
not want in her house again. 

This is the third time that the Police have 
been over at this house for the three 
refusing to leave when ask. Kelly said that 
she wanted a notice of restriction on the 
juveniles. Officer searched the area and 
found them coming back to the house. 
Officer told them that they were not to 
return to the house at 176 East Oregon or 
they could be arrested for Criminal 
trespassing. Officer told Kelly that she 
would have to sign the forms, she ask if 
Dwight Smith the Dad could, Officer told her 
yes and she said that he would be home 
around 1730. 

The forms were made out and Officer 
returned. Kelly told me that Dwight had 
been home and left mad because they had 
received letters stating that Branty had 
been suspended from school and had a lot 
of tardies. Officer told her that she would 
have to sign them and she did. They will be 
taken to the houses of the young men.

Det Harris


194 E Virginia Ave Sebring, OH 44672
Failure to Control
Sealbell Violation

On 12/18/2014 at approximately 1750 
hours, while sitting at the stop sign at N 
21St St and W Ohio Ave facing south in a 
marked police cruiser, Officerobserved a 
dark green vehicle leave the roadway and 
crash in the 600 block of W Ohio Ave. The 
vehicle stopped at the intersection and 
proceeded down W Ohio Ave heading east 
and the vehicle veered off the right side of 
the road in front of 687 W Ohio Ave. It 
drove in the tree lawn between the sidewalk 
and the road for about 20 feet and sheared 
off the side of a tree, which flipped the 
vehicle onto the driver's side in the 
eastbound lane of W Ohio Ave where the 
vehicle came to rest. 

Officerapproached the vehicle as the driver, 
Andrew A Wyss was climbing out of the 
sunroof of the vehicle. Wyss advised he 
was not injured but kept holding his 
stomach and his left arm was bleeding from 
near his elbow so Officercalled for Sebring 
First Responders to check him out. Wyss 
advised that he did not remember coming 
through the intersection nor going off the 
road but remeinbered coming to just before 
he hit the
tree and was able to turn the wheel to miss 
hitting the tree head on. Wyss advised that 
he does take anti-seizure medication and 
depression medication but was unsure of 
the exact types. Wyss advised he last slept 
the night before from about 2230 hours to 
0430 hours
and was up all day since 0430 hours 
working. Wyss advised he was coming from 
Canton from his girlfriend's house and was 
coming back into town to milk cows at his 
parent's farm on 10071 Johnson Rd. Myself 
and Det. Harris did not detect any signs that 
Wyss was intoxicated. Wyss advised that 
he was not wearing his seat belt. Wyss 
advised that possibly he blacked out or had 
a seizure for a few seconds when he left the 
roadway but
was unsure. When Wyss was asked if he 
was reaching for something or using a cell 
phone he advised that was not the case 
and he "is against using a cell phone and 

Springer's arrived on scene and towed the 
vehicle to Wyss's parents' house at his 
request. Wyss declined to go to the hospital 
and had his cut on his arm treated at the p 
a scene. Wyss was unable to provide valid 
proof of insurance on the vehicle at the time 
of  the accident and advised that his mother 
Nancy K Wyss had insurance on the vehicle 
Nancy Wyss is the registered owner of the 
vehicle. Officercontacted Nancy Wyss via 
telephone "' and advised her that she 
needed to provide valid proof of insurance 
for the vehicle. Nancy advised that she 
would meet me at Sebring Police 
Department with the insurance information 
but it would take her about an hour to get 
here. Upon her arrival, she handed me her 
cell phone with an e-mail pulled up showing 
a document from SafeAuto stating the 
coverage of insurance on the vehicle. 
Officernoticed the date that the coverage 
started was 12/18/2014 (the date of the 
accident) at 1903 hours. Officerinformed 
her that the accident -. occurred at 1750 
hours and was cleared by 1820 hours so 
this insurance took affect after the accident 
occurred. Nancy Wyss advised the policy 
that she had prior to this one had expired at 
midnight the night before. Officerinformed 
Nancy Wyss that they would need to 
provide to the court valid insurance on the 
vehicle at the time of the accident. 
Officeradvised Nancy Wyss that 
Officerwould need a paper copy of the 
insurance information but she told me the 
earliest she could get it to me would be 
Saturday 12/20/2014. Upon evaluating the 
totality of the circumstances, Officerissued 
Andrew Wyss a citation for Failure to 
Control 331.34A SCO and Seatbelt 
Violation 337.27 SCO. Wyss was advised 
that his personal appearance was required 
at MCC #3 on 12/23/2014 at 1300 hours.

Ptl. Darren Eberling #506


DATE: 12/21/2014 19:16

On this date and time, Officerwas 
Requested to assist Smith Twp U- 366 at 
the North Benton Post Office ref to a Black 
female that was sitting on the steps. 
Officers were notified prior to keep a eye 
out for lris Brackett a black female that was 
a mental from their city. Officers were also 
advised that lris had not been taking her 
medication and that when she's not on her 
meds she can become very confused.

Officerstood until Officer Osberg identified 
her as Iris, and he then transported her to 
the Alliance Community Hospital without 


On 12/08/14 Jonathan Rine was arrested 
on a F-1 Warrant. When he was arrested he 
was with Patricia Lipply, who knew that he 
had a warrant. On the night of 11/28/14 
Patricia was questioned about the where 
abouts of Mr. Rine. She said that she had 
not seen him for a couple days and really
lid not know him that well. Officerwas told 
that on one occasion she and Jill Cobert 
had came to Mrs. Hanson Apartment to 
obtain clothing for Mr. Rine.

At the time of Mr. Rine's arrest he was 
driving a van that belonged to his mother 
the victim of his crime. This van was bought 
on the 4th of December from Sally's in 
Alliance. Ms. Hanson had to of known that, 
Jonathan Rine, her son did not have a valid 
DI. She is the owner and did not report he 
van stolen when he was driving it.

Ms. Lipply was brought in and question 
about her knowing the where Mr. Rine was. 
She said that someone had sent a 
Facebook message to Jill Cobert to leave 
some of his clothes on the front porch. But 
they never returned to get the clothes. She 
said that Mr. Rine had called her on the day
that he was picked up on the warrant, and 
asked her to go to a Doctor appointment 
with him and his mother. She said that he 
picked her up and they went to a doctors 
office on Sawburg, and then she was taken 
the ER. This is not true as the mother was 
picked up by our first responders and taken 
to the ER, not to a doctors appointment. 
She said that she does not know where he 
was living but thought it was in his van. Ms. 
Lipply will be interviewed again for the 
untruthfulness. This case is still open for 
further evidence.

Det Harris


Saturday, December 20, 2014
07:59 AM -0500

December 16, 2014
Swam, Douglas A 376 West Pennsylvania 
Ave, Sebring OH, 44672

Mr. Swain came to the station to report that 
someone took his blow-ups from his front 
lawn sometime between 2000 hours last 
night and 1500 hours today. The blow-ups 
are, 1 with Santa Claus in a helicopter and 
the other has a snowman with two 
penguins. I told him that I would keep an 
outlook for them

Det Harris #504


On 12/15/2014 Holly Schroder, 767 S 14th 
St, reported the use of her husband Barry 
Schroeder's Master Card Ms. Schroeder 
states that the debit card was used in Las 
Vegas for a purchase of $79.95. The 
Schroeder's were advised from Master Card 
to file a police report with there local police 


On 12/13/2014 at approximately 2300, this 
officer assisted Smith Township PD and 
Alliance PD during the course of a drug 
investigation at 9500 Bandy Rd. 

During the course of the investigation, 
officers found several drug related items 
and the remains of a "one-pot" meth lab. A 
containing all the tools required for a meth 
lab was also discovered. This officer 
cleared the scene at approximately 0300.


December 14, 2014

Subject on Taylor Rd yelling and bothering 
the neighborhood. 

When both units arrived a male subject was 
outside screaming. The male was identified 
as Hayden Miller who was highly 
intoxicated and yelling that he wanted his 
child back. 

Officers advised Hayden he would not be 
taking his child under his condition and we 
could not make the mother give up the child 
due to it being a civil matter. Hayden 
continued to yell and give officers a hard 
time on the situation. Ptl. Baker detained 
Hayden so both officers could speak with 
the grandmother. 

When officers questioned Hayden he 
became very belligerent stating he drove to 
Sebring from Salem and did not see 
anything wrong with it. 
At that time Sebring First Responders 
where called to Johnson Rd at the railroad 
crossing for a car vs train. Officers 
questioned Hayden if that was his vehicle. 

Both officers cleared the scene. 

While in route Ptl. Baker of Smith Twp PD 
assisted me in the accident and took 
Hayden to the scene to identify his vehicle. 
While I was busy at the scene of the 
accident Hayden admitted to Ptl. Baker that 
was his vehicle and that he had crashed the 
vehicle after drinking. At that time Ptl. Baker 
placed Hayden under arrest for OVI.


On 12/14/2014 at approximately 0515, 
members of this department were advised 
by Alliance Police that they were on their 
way to our station and that they knew where 
a wanted individual was staying for the 
night. The individual in question, Michael S. 
George, is wanted by this county for failing 
to appear for sentencing on illegal assembly 
charges from this department. 

Myself, along with Ptl. Osberg, Smith 
Township Ptl. Baker, Chief Siranovic and K-
9 Jury, and three members of the Alliance 
Police Department went to 448 S. 15th St. 
to attempt to locate Mr. George. After 
knocking on the door for several minutes, a 
female, know to this officer as Theresa 
Shields, came to the door and I asked her  
if Michael George was there. We were 
already able to view Mr. George sleeping on 
the floor of the living room before we were 
able to enter the house. 

Ms. Shields allowed us to enter the house, 
at which time I placed Mr. George, who was 
laying on an air mattress, under arrest for 
his warrants.

In the course of arresting Mr. George, 
officers observed a large amount of narcotic 
paraphernalia and items used for the 
manufacture of methamphetamine. Upon a 
brief search of the area immediately 
surrounding Mr. George, officers were able 
to locate several bags containing items 
used to make meth, including a pipe cutter, 
lighter fluid, coffee filters, lithium batters and 
other unknown fluids. Also discovered were 
several bags full of pills, later identified as 
being Schedule IV narcotics, and two bags 
containing an unknown white powdery 
substance which will be required to be 
tested by BCI&I.

Multiple items were also taken, including zip 
drives, a laptop, several small baggies 
which resemble those which would be used 
to package small amounts of narcotics and 
$282.00 in cash.

Mr. George was transported to Sebring 
Police Department, and then to Mahoning 
County Jail, where he is being held on 
$14,500.00 bond for illegal assembly of 
items used to manufacture 
methamphetamine, 2925.041AC ORC and 
for possession of Schedule IV narcotics, 
2925.1 1C2a

When we were able to wake Mr. George up, 
he was laying on a air mattress on the floor 
with another female. On the couch in the 
same living room as Mr. George and all 
these items was Ms. Shields 14 year old 
son, which would elevate the fines imposed 
by illegal assemble. 
Additional charges are pending.

Ptl. J. Amabeli #505


On 12/12/2014 at approximately 0058, 
myself and Sgt. Faudree were dispatched 
to 120 E. Georgia Ave. for a report of a 
possible domestic violence situation. Upon 
arriving, we spoke to a female at that 
location, later identified as Debra 
Couchman, who stated that she was struck 
in the head by a male friend of hers, Alan 
Williamson. Debra stated that her and Mr. 
Williamson are friends and that they were in 
Alliance watching the football game at 
Chives, and then they went to another 

She stated that while he was bringing her 
home, an altercation occurred in the vehicle 
and that she was able to get out of the 
vehicle and run from him, only to have him 
chase her down, hit her in the head, and 
drag her back into his vehicle. At this time, 
he brought her back to her home on 
Georgia Ave. and dropped her off. He then 
left and drove back towards Alliance, at 
which time Ptl. Baker from Smith Township 
spotted the vehicle and attempted to stop 
the vehicle. 

After failing to stop for several minutes, he 
was finally apprehended in Alliance by Ptl. 
Baker and members of Alliance PD. 

Due to the fact this incident happened in 
Alliance, I made contact with Alliance PD 
and spoke to Sgt. Yarian.

I then transported Ms. Couchman to 
Alliance Police Department so that she 
could provide APD with statements.

Nothing further is needed at this time

Ptl. J Amabeli


Friday, December 19, 2014
10:33 AM -0500

On 12/5/2014 this officer was requested to 
pick up Michael Sharp for Goshen Twp. 
Officer Kalko.
Mr. Sharp was located at the Sebring Quick 
Lube on West Ohio Ave. , then driven to 
Beloit and turned over to the Goshen 


On 12/10/2014 at approximately 2145, 1 
was requested for mutual aid with Smith 
Township Ptl. Osberg who was on his way 
to a domestic violence call on Oyster Rd. 
Ptl. Osberg was coming from the opposite 
end of the township and the caller advised 
that her and her brother were running from 
there house and that their father was 
intoxicated and tearing up their house. Ptl. 
Osberg arrived shortly after I was in the 

After speaking to the parties involved, no 
arrests were made and I was able to clear 
and return to the village.

Ptl. J. Amabeli


On 12/10/2014 this officer was advised of a 
vehicle parked at the rear of United Die on 
West California Avenue. It was further 
advised that the plates were missing. Upon 
arrival and after running the VIN number it 
was determined that the vehicle was stolen 
from Hall Motors in Alllance Ohio. Contact 
was made with the Alliance Police 
Department, who dispatched Mel's 
tow~ngw ho took possession of the stolen 


On 12/9/2014 while entering Sebring Drive 
Thru located at 10 S. 15th Street, the van 
Chad White was operating struck to top of 
the doorway. A piece of molding was 
damaged. Mr. White who was located in 
Westville returned and advised that he 
would repair the molding.


On 12/06/2014 at approximately 1907 
hours, I was dispatched to Beloit Gardens 
to assist Goshen Police Department with 
Jacob Carter. 
Upon my arrival, I met with Goshen's unit 
who was on scene and he advised that the 
individual fled south of the apartment 
buildings toward the railroad tracks. He was 
unsure whether Carter went towards Derr 
Ave or went east or west down the railroad 
tracks. I then came back
into the village and proceeded to Sebring 
Tire and sat and watched the tracks for 
Carter for approximately 35 mins and 
cleared with no contact with Carter.

Ptl. Darren Eberling


On 12/06/2014 at approximately 1552 
hours, while traveling north on N 21S'St in a 
clearly marked police cruiser, I observed a 
blue truck traveling at a visibly high rate of 
speed south on N 21 St near B.P.1 
Recycling. I activated my radar unit which 
confirmed the speed of 53 rnph in a clearly 
posted 35 rnph zone. I tracked the vehicle 
visually and with the radar and the units 
speed fluctuated from 53 rnph to 51 rnph for 
approximately 700 feet before I turned in a 
driveway to turn around to get behind the 

I initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle in the 
700 block of N 21 St and made contact with 
the drive/owner Bret E Smith. I informed 
Smith that I stopped him for speed 53 mph 
in a clearly posted 35 rnph zone. Smith 
advised that he believed he was only going 
about 39 rnph because he had allegedly 
just turned onto N 21St St from Courtney 

Smith advised he was already aware that it 
was only 35 rnph in that area. Smith 
questioned when the radar unit was 
calibrated and I advised him they are done 
yearly. The radar unit has never picked up 
any sort of interference in the vicinity of this 
traffic stop. I issued Smith a citation for 
Speed 333.03 SCO 53 rnph in a clearly 
posted 35 mph zone. I advised Smith of his 
court date at MCC #3 on 12/11/2014 at 
1100 hours.

Ptl. Darren Eberling


On this date I was dispatched to 216 West 
Ohio Apt #402 for a women locked in her 

Upon arrival I made entry into the 
apartment and spoke to Ms. Hanson (age 
60 and handicapped). She told me that she 
was alright, but wanted out. I could see that 
someone had tied the door closed securing 
it to a closet door knob. It was tied with a 
cord from a vacuum cleaner. 

I took photos of the way that she had been 
locked in her room before I removed the 
cords from the door. I then made entry into 
the room and spoke with Ms Hanson. She 
told me that her son Jonathan Lee Rine 
(age 36) had locked her in her room 
because he said that she had lied to him 
about Sally's being open, so he could get 
some money today.

He wanted her Debit card but she would not 
give it to him and that is when he came into 
the bedroom and grabbed her by the neck 
and chocked her. He told her that he was 
going to lock her in that room until tomorrow 
night. He said that he would not give her 
anything to eat or drink. He told her he 
would kill her and how he hated her. He 
threw her clothes into her bedside toilet. He 
then told her now all your clothes smell like 
piss. I asked her how she knew that the 
door had been secured and she told me 
that she had tried to get out. She was asked 
how long she had been in the room and she 
told me all day. She had to wait for him to 
leave before she could use the help line, 
because if he heard her calling for help he 
would have killed her. He told her that if she 
called the police that he would kill her and 

I then spoke to the Prosecutor and was told 
to charge him with Kidnapping ORC 
2905.01 (a)(3). 

At that time I did a video taped interview 
with Ms Hanson. In it she tells me the same 
thlngs as above. I then spoke to the Chief 
and he approved Sgt Faudree and Officer 
Amabeli to come in and search for Mr. Rine. 
He also said to charge him with DV ORC 
291 9.25(A) for the assault on her In the 
bedroom. This department has been to this 
victim before on this type of charges and 
she can now see how it is getting worst with 
each time. 

The state will be the one's to bring the DV 
Charges. I made arrangement for Ms. 
Hanson to stay with a friend until we are 
able to find him. 
She is in fear for her life. A search of the 
area did not find Mr. Rine. I will obtain a 
warrant for him. A BOLO was put out for 
Jonathan Rine.

On 11/28/14 at approximately 1832 hours, I 
was dispatched to 216 W Ohio Ave Apt 402 
for a female locked in her bedroom. Upon 
arrival I met with Det. Harris who was 
already on scene and informed me of the 
call details. Myself and Det. Harris 
proceeded up to apartment 402 and found 
Lerene Hanson trapped in her bedroom. 
Her bedroom door was tied shut with a 
vacuum sweeper cord and streched across 
hallway and tied to another door knob to 
prevent her from getting out. I also found 
her wheelchair placed across the hallway in 
the bathroom with both wheels locked so 
she could not have access to it. Det. Harris 
processed the scene and interviewed the 
victim while I set out to locate the suspect 
Jonathan Lee Rine who was believe to be 
located at Mark Mueller's house located at 
216 W Pennsylvania Ave according to the 
victim Hanson. Upon arrival I called for 
assistance from Smith Township officer 
Osberg. Upon the other units arrival we 
approached the home and made contact 
with Mark Mueller who advised that Rine 
had just left his residence in a silver colored 
Ford Taurus allegedly en route to Alliance 
with Joseph Henry Saulsberry. I informed 
dispatch of Saulsberry who advised this 
individuals address was 236 Alabama
Ave Apt. 2 so myself and Smith Township 
officer Osberg drove there to try and meet 
with Saulsberry.

Upon arrival I observed a Ford Taurus 
parked in front of Apt. 2 that matched the 
description of the vehicle that allegedly 
picked up Rine from 216 W Pennsylvania 
Ave. I gave dispatch the Ohio plate number 
FXS3676 which returned to a Danielle L 
Chavarria. Myself and Smith Township 
officer Osberg approached Apt. 2 and made 
contact with Joseph Henry Saulsberry who 
advised Rine was not at his home. 
Saulsberry advised that he did indeed pick 
up Rine from 216 W Pennsylvania Ave and 
took him to Circle K 205 E. Ohio Ave and 
then dropped him off in front of Sebring 
Public Library 195 W Ohio Ave.

Saulsberry advised that Rine then told him 
that he was going "home" from the library. 
Saulsberry refused to allow myself and 
Smith Township officer Osberg to come into 
his apartment to verify that Rine was not 
there. After leaving there I also went to 132 
N 16th St and spoke with Jill Corbett who is 
known to possible have contact with Rine 
but advised he was not there and has not 
seen him for awhile. I decided to go back to 
236 Alabama Ave Apt 2 to see if Saulsberry 
was still home but the silver Ford Taurus 
was now I gone. I went to Apt. 3 and spoke 
with the neighbors about if they had seen 
anyone get out of the vehicle with 
Saulsberry when he arrived there but they 
informed me they did not pay any attention. 
I attempted to make contact with Apt 1 but 
no one answered the door and Apt 2 where 
Saulsberry lived was checked once more 
but no one answered the door. 

After talking to Sgt. Faudree, I stayed at 
236 Alabama Ave and waited for the silver 
Ford Taurus to return to see if Saulsberry 
had Rine with him. A little while later the 
vehicle did return and Saulsberry got out 
with 2 younger girls who went in the 
apartment with him. Myself
and Ptl. Amabeli approached Apt 2 and 
Saulsberry then gave us consent to search 
the apartment this time to look for Rine. Our 
search did not locate Rine so we left the 
residence and informed Saulsberry that if 
Rirle is seen to contact us. Saulsberry was 
also asked to give his story again about 
what happened earlier. Saulsberry's story 
the second time slightly differed from his 
first story stating that he picked Rine
up at 216 W Pennsylvania Ave and went to 
Rocky's Drive Thru and then to the Library. 
This differed from the first story since he 
stated then that they went to Circle K, when 
asked, Saulsberry advised that they 
stopped at Rocky's Drive Thru for him to get 
cigarettes and then they went to Cirlce for 
Rine and then to the Library. Myself and Ptl. 
Amabeli left the apartment and continued to 
search for Rine throughout the

Ptl. Darren Eberling #506

On this date a warrant was Issued for (F-I) 
K~dnapplnga, nd (M-I) DV, for Jomathan 
Rlne. As of this report he has no been 
found. A copy of the report was faxed to 
Adult Protective Services.

Thursday, December 18, 2014
07:51 AM -0500