Congressman Tim Ryan Votes Against Irresponsible Short-Term Government Funding Bill

Washington, DC – Tonight, Congressman Tim Ryan voted against another irresponsible Continuing Resolution.

“I could not vote for another government funding bill that utterly fails to help Teamsters and coal miners on the verge of seeing their pensions evaporate, 800,000 DREAMers facing deportation, and 9 million children who rely on the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Once again, the so-called “governing” party in the House of Representatives surrendered their duty to responsibly fund the government, jeopardizing needed investment in Head Start, job training, and homeland security. As the unified Republican government lurches from one crisis to the next, it is hardworking families, our military, and communities that suffer.

This is our fourth temporary spending bill in this fiscal year.

 Instead of working with Democrats to create a bipartisan budget agreement that will keep the government running, protect DREAMers, provide funding for the opioid epidemic and community health centers, Republicans are choosing to play politics at the expense of those who need Congress to act.

Republican leadership must come to its senses and work with Democrats to actually solve problems, not create more,” said Congressman Ryan.